Ann Pinto McCarney is like a lot of empty nesters – when her son Liam went off to college, she missed him. She wanted to know how he was adjusting, but she didn't hear a peep from him. He totally ghosted her, and probably would have continued to do so as long as the money train didn't stop. Unlike many parents, however, Ann Pinto McCarney is no pushover. She's a sassy, intense, borderline-psychotic tiger mom, and when she's wronged she wants everyone to know.

That's why she made this savage 5-minute Facebook video, shaming her boy with blistering sarcasm for the way he treated her. In an ironic twist sure to please any embittered mom, the post has gone massively viral. Since she posted it on September 16, it has been shared over 31,000 times. Now strangers the world over know what a selfish boy Liam has been.

Sources: Ann Pinto McCarney