Imagine finding out you just gave birth and you had no idea. That's what happened to this mom named Tisha Heffron. Here she is pictured with her husband, James, and their new baby, Clay:

Posted by Tisha Heffron on Monday, February 6, 2017

Right after giving birth, Tisha was so high on pain medication administered to her post-labor that she straight up forgot she just popped out a kid, the Daily Mail reports.

Her reaction when she finds out she just gave birth is to ask: "to who?" Great question, Tisha!


You can watch the whole hilarious, morphine-induced scenario here:

At one point she puts up a fight when her husband, James, explains: "You gave birth to Clay over there," and she responds: "No! I gave birth to Jackson." The San Diego couple also have a 15-month-old son named Jackson. So she's not wrong.

She also is a little confused about where babies come from. After James tells her she "pushed out a kid," she asks: "out of my bellybutton?"


James said after the video was taken, his wife fell back asleep, and when she eventually woke up from her "drug induced hibernation" she was "fully cogent. "

"Straight away she remembered Clay and the whole birth process," he said. "That was a relief."

Yeah, easy for you to say, buddy. I've never given birth but it seems messy, painful, and basically the kind of experience I'd rather forget or just skip entirely. Just hand me some painkillers and a baby and let's call it a day.


What do you mean "that's not how it works"????

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