Constance Hall—the Australian mother who has candidly written about "parent sex," among other topics—has gotten in on the trending topic of Kim Kardashian's nude selfie. Instead of throwing shade like some famous people (Bette Midler), Hall used her own boobs to speak out in support of Kim K. 

Kim and I have really similar curves.. Kim's been called too fat, too thin, too fake, too everything. 
She looks like this for a living and let's face it Queenies, competing with a mirror for Kanye's attention would be hard work . Women looking like Kimmy K on Instagram is not the the enemy.
Believing that this is the only definition of sexy is the enemy.
Sexy has endless variations, we might not all have this glamorous bathroom but we certainly all have our own sexy. 
I bet Kim exercises... A lot.

I actually hate exercise, more then most people I know. 
Once every 6 months I go for a run. Bill watched my last one from our bedroom window, he watched me run 75 metres down the road, turn around and run back. 
3 minutes after embarking on my run I collapsed through the door struggling to breath and was met with my loving husband saying,
"What was that? It wasn't a run, it was more like 3 minutes of interpretive dance down the road I hope the neighbours saw that,"
I flipped him the bird "don't hate it coz you ain't it babe" 
I salute all women, every single fucking one of us. The ones who change our minds about our runs after passing 3 houses and the ones who work their Queenly arses off at he gym. 
Queen love. 

Sources: Mamamia