Disgruntled mom leaves note for the man with a lawn mower who ruined her Mother's Day by doing his job.

Disgruntled mom leaves note for the man with a lawn mower who ruined her Mother's Day by doing his job.

Reddit user blubase keeps lawns pretty for a living and was simply doing his job on Mother's Day when he received a note on some appropriate stationary. No one likes waking up to the noise of a lawn mower, but doesn't everyone appreciate the scene of freshly-mown grass on a Sunday morning? Not this mom, apparently.

Do you hate mothers that much that you had to come here at 8 o'clock to cut the grass and trim on Mother's Day Sunday! 
Have some respect!
Thanks all I wanted for Mother's Day was sleep along with every other mom on this universe!
-Angry Mom

Meow, indeed.

Salem supports this mom and her Mother's Day vendetta.

While some may think this momma deserves praise for putting her thoughts out there, it's important to take a few things into consideration. Blubase explained that he found the note not in his windshield, but inside his truck. That means the fierce mother snuck into the workers' vehicle. That's dedication to criticizing. 

A mother with a mission cannot be stopped.

Plus, the mom was slightly exaggerating if you ask blubase

on top of that I looked at the time sheet and we got there at 8:47am. Far from too early. Their noise regulations permit 7:30 at the earliest. So fuck me for giving you a nice lawn to BBQ on.

If her identity is discovered, this mom is going to have a hard time getting her lawn mowed in the future.

Last but not least, blubase didn't exactly have a great time either that morning.

You think we want to wake up at 5:30am just to mow a patchy shit lawn? I permanently work weekends. I have to be out of the shop with my truck by 6am. Believe me I'd like to mow lawns at 2pm on a Tuesday and be stupid drunk with friends on saturday night but that's not when I was scheduled.

Everyone forgets that lawn crews hate their jobs too. No one wants to weed whip pebbles into their eyes, nose, and lips. No one wants to get on a loud ass mower at 7am. No one wants to breath in dust clouds of sand and grass clippings. No one wants to do any of it but someone has to do it. And for $22/h you can't really bite the hand that feeds.


Now don't you feel bad for hating early morning landscapers? A teensy-tiny bit, at least?