When you compare yourself with your parents, it is easy to feel like you've fallen behind. The difference between your parent's lives at your age and the life you're living now can seem pretty vast. Owning a home? Having a coupla kids? If you can't relate to your mother sometimes, you are definitely not alone.

Twenty-seven-year-old Alyssa Limperis of Condé Nast entertainment's The Scene sat down with her mother Linda, 57, to talk about how different their lives were/are at age 27.

Check out Alyssa Limperis' highly relatable (and very funny) video below:


Linda at age 27: “I had my first child ― my son.”

Alyssa at 27: “I have food babies when I eat burritos.”

Alyssa told Someecards that she had the idea for the video after she moved home to help take care of her dying father and noticed how much further along her parents seemed to be when they were her age.

So what was the most surprising thing she learned about her mother through making this video?


"She built a whole house at 23!" said Limperis. "I didn't even know how to build a salad."


Alyssa also told Someecards what words of wisdom she would want to pass on to her eventual children when they are 27:

"I would want to tell them that they are strong and beautiful and that I'll support them with whatever they do," said Limperis. "That's what my mama told me, and I'm grateful for her support and lovin' to make me feel comfortable with the decisions I've made."


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