10 moms reveal what they really want for Mother's Day. It's not a bouquet from the gas station.

10 moms reveal what they really want for Mother's Day. It's not a bouquet from the gas station.

Mother's Day is this Sunday (you're welcome for the reminder), but before you run to the mall to buy your mother yet another scented candle, stop to read this list of moms revealing what they really want this year. She gave you the gift of life, so you could at least give her a gift she actually wants

1. This image sums it up pretty nicely.

2. Some moms are really shooting for the stars this year. 

3. Reddit user thunderkuntz just wants to enjoy the simple things.

A long, uninterrupted nap and to piss in peace.

Edit: Also, showering without someone walking into the bathroom/yelling for me from outside of it.

4. Does anyone know how much a silent butler costs for a day? 

5. Someecards writer Orli Matlow's mom just wants a cocktail this year, because she says she has already gotten the best gift.


6. Sometimes the best gift is just listening to your mother. 


7. mythopoeia's Mother's Day wish may break your heart.

Just spend some time with me. It tears me up that my kids don't think of me as a friend and barely even talk to me. My son just comes home from school and goes straight to his room, my daughter comes home from school and barely talks to me and just sits there texting. I want to be a part of their lives but they just shut me out. For mother's day I'd just like them to open up to me a little and spend some time with me. I don't know if it's because I'm a horrible parent or what, I don't know what went wrong.


8. scnavi knows that the best gifts in life are free. 

A nap. I just want a fucking nap.

9. Someecards editor Ashley Bez flipped the script and seemed more like the mother in this exchange.


10. Finally, maybe the best gift would just to get out of her hair for a little bit.

No matter what your mother/mother figure says she wants or doesn't want, just make sure you call her. Or else you'll be hearing about it until next Mother's Day.