Kelly Diane Howland is a new mom and a very understanding person but she has limits people, okay??? She was recently out shopping at Target with her newborn "obviously fresh baby" when she was approached by a woman who chatted her up with the "usual small talk" about the baby before handing her a flyer and trying to sell her a weight loss product.



Howland shared about the incident on Facebook, and the post clearly struck a nerve as it has been shared over 16 thousand times. To her credit, she was impressively nice about the whole thing and decided not to put this woman "just trying to hustle her own living" on blast.

BUT, Howland did call out the woman—and society at large—for "perpetuating the pressure" placed on new moms to lose weight.

"Can we PLEASE not perpetuate the pressure, the impossible expectations, and therefore keep alive the insecurities that we newly postpartum women face regarding our new and changing bodies as we enter motherhood?" she wrote.


She continued: "My body doesn't need to be wrapped or squeezed or changed. It needs to be valued and revered for the incredible life it just brought into this world."

You can read the whole, thoughtful post here:

I have folded back the contact info of the woman who gave this to me because I'm not about to put another woman on blast...

Posted by Kelly Diane Howland on Wednesday, April 12, 2017

In the comments, a few It Works employees and other people have defended the saleswoman for "doing her job." But many others have commended Howland for taking a stand, and spoken out against postpartum body-shaming and rudeness in general.


And a few pointed out that this kind of solicitation is not okay and maybe not even legal.


So, what do you think? Is it totally okay to shill sensitive products in public to people who are just trying to do some shopping at Targét with their new baby? Or should we leave new moms and other shoppers the hell alone??????

(Answer: B)

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