Mother Katie Leach was at a restaurant called Texas Roadhouse with her 10-month-old, whose new favorite thing is yelling excitedly at every provocation. Getting through a meal under those conditions sounds difficult enough, but then the table behind her decided to help out by putting down a passive-aggressive note in front of her.

Then they went and sat back down again. Okay, clearly that's the handwriting of a mental patient, because if you're going to hand someone a note like that, you better crab walk the hell out of there immediately after! Katie Leach says she went to talk with the two middle-aged women at the complaining table, to explain her son is going through a phase and she's trying her best to teach him, but their response was that their grandchildren would never act out like that. Their imaginary perfect grandchildren who live in, ohhhhh, Canada, maybe.

Sources: KSDK