Thanks to the rapid body changes and the hormone fluctuations that come with growing a tiny human, pregnancy is a very bizarre adventure. This famously manifests in pregnancy cravings. But as these folks on Reddit can attest, not all pregnant women crave pickles and chocolate.

1. Bananas are a common pregnancy craving, but thebodyguard's cravings went a little past the mark.

I wanted to drink the juice out of the hot banana pepper jar. (I did a few times but I got horrible heart burn)

2. When theycallmespazzi was pregnant, she had some real outside-the-box thinking when it came to pickles.


I was once eating a pickle and thought it would go great with some marshmallow did.

3. Tearing_you_asunder's wife experienced pica, a mineral deficiency that makes a person crave dirt, clay, and other things that aren't food.

Wife ate graphite (pencil lead) with first pregnancy, rocks with the second. Pica is not uncommon in pregnancy. She really craved these things.

4. Mystified_one also got a bit of pica, confined mostly to the cupboard under the kitchen sink (she didn't give in to this craving, which you can tell because she's alive to write this).


My food cravings were on par with normal.

It was the non-food cravings that drove me bonkers! I knew better than to taste any of them although it was tempting just to stop wanting it so much. Here is a list:

Clorox clean up had just hit the store shelves - Smelled so good I just wanted to drink it

Liquid paper - no idea why

Lemon Scented Powdered Dishwasher Detergent - Did not own a dishwasher or have any, but I craved this one so badly for months. I tried lemon everything hoping to kill the craving but nothing helped!

Triple Antibiotic ointment but only with the band-aid smell

Fire log starters - made out of wood shavings it was something about the glue they used.

The funniest part - My son was born at 4:09.

Why did I never talk to my doctor about this? Because I was 17 and scared to death that he would think I was insane.


5. A colleague of fluffitude had a preference for two things together that most people find gross individually.

A co-worker who sat right next to me craved (and ate) buttermilk and sardines. I had to leave the room.

6. The mother-in-law of sarawwr7 never said a naughty word again.

My mother in law said that she would crave soap [when she was pregnant with] with my husband. Like little chips of soap.

7. thetixarenowdiamonds had a craving that could only be satiated with time travel to 1993.

With my second, the only craving I had was for Crystal Pepsi. Crystal fucking Pepsi. Needless to say, it never got sated.


8. DoctorAssGiggles had a craving even grosser than her user name.

I would crave FISH HEADS

9. NoahJWatkins was either really pregnant or really stoned.

My girlfriend ate a slice of pizza on top of a waffle and smothered it in apple sauce. Also, peanut butter and butter sandwiches.

10. What's black and white and read all over? The pregnancy cravings of Mourntilldawn's mother.

My mum used to eat newspaper and ice cubes when she was pregnant with my sister.


11. When the sister of Affordable_Z_Jobs she ate like a college student.

My sister ate peanut butter with Spaghetti-O's for a week straight.

12. User effieokay had three great tastes that tastes…something…together.

Venison, fish, and Hot Cheetos. Together.

13. diMario's girlfriend's pregnancy was all about condiment swapping (although the pickles + fluffy cream products is a recurring theme).

My then girlfriend had a craving for pickles and whipped cream. Also, she would regularly snack on strawberries with mayonnaise.


14. Sorry, vrosej10, but these are the vegan options at most big restaurants.

Peanut butter and raw cabbage sandwiches when pregnant and worse than that, pumpkin soup.

15. rogerg1990 just wanted slime. Pure slime.

Peaches and Oysters, in the same bowl.

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