While training to run the 10,000 meter race at the 2016 Summer Olympics, professional runner Stephanie Rothstein Bruce has become an Instagram star for letting it all hang out in her photos. Literally—her loose skin from having two babies is proudly pronounced in a number of her photos, which also touch on the state of Bruce's split abdomen. 

After developing ab separation (called diastasis recti) during pregnancy, much more than Bruce's external appearance changed: "When I started back running again, I could barely run a 9 minute pace, versus when on easy days when I'm in shape I could run 7-7:30 pace," Bruce said, making anyone who's ever gotten on a treadmill feel like a turtle. "And I was having a lot of bathroom issues," she continued. "I couldn't control peeing, I had bowel incontinence, so I was going to the bathroom on a run." That would definitely put a damper on any jog.