A redditor calling herself LaLaLaaaNotListening demonstrated the proper response to a question all twentysomethings hate: "When are you having kids?" When a coworker cornered her with the invasive question, rather than give a noncommittal answer or get angry, she decided to turn the question back around. What followed was a dialogue worthy of philosophers like Socrates and Louis C.K.

I'm short on time and at work so I'll just post the basic conversation. Mombie is a coworker.

Mombie: "When are you planning to have a baby?"

Me: "Why?"

Mombie: "I was just curious."

Me: "But why?"

Mombie: "Well you're young and getting married soon (I'm engaged.) I'd figure you were going to have kids soon."

Me: "Why?"

Mombie: "...because that's what married people do?"

Me: "Why though?"

Mombie: "You know it's rude to continually ask 'why.' It gets pretty annoying."

Me: "Oh but your kids do it all the time and you tell me how cute it is."

Mombie: "Well yeah but they're kids so it's ok."

Me: "...but why?"

She walked away. I win.