Sosha Adelstein and Max Brandel made a quick detour—fulfilling their civic duty to vote—on the way to giving birth to a new citizen.

Adelstein and Brandel's daughter, Bella Rose, was due on Election Day, but started coming early, likely in hopes of getting to watch the returns come in on cable news herself.

On their way to the hospital on Friday, November 4th, Adelstein and Brandel stopped by the Boulder County Clerk and Recorder's Office drop off their ballots, making sure that they voted against Donald Trump before bringing a daughter into the world.


"We ran over there and kind of made it just in time, because like shortly after that I was like, 'OK, it's time. We got to get to the hospital,'" Adelstein told CNN.

The Daily Camera reports that "They came in to drop off their ballots and sign the ballot envelopes. The election judge could tell she was in labor."

Before hustling to the maternity ward, the new parents snapped a picture at the makeshift selfie station, and Adelstein bravely smiled while in intense labor pains.


The two got a shout-out from former/future First Daughter Chelsea Clinton.

Congrats to the new parents! Thank you for doing your duty, especially in the critical swing state of Colorado!