Up until recently, Rachaele Hambleton of Devon, England was a full-time working mother. But Hambleton decided to cut back her hours after 10 years of watching the same woman walk her kids—and dog—to school. In a post to a Facebook group called Spotted Torquay, Hambleton—and others—wrote how this "beautiful lady with crazy blonde curly hair" has unknowingly altered Hambleton's outlook on life.

I used to be a full time working mum. Every morning for the past 10 years I've driven from Torquay over the Shaldon...

Posted by Spotted Torquay on Thursday, January 28, 2016

I used to be a full time working mum.

Every morning for the past 10 years I've driven from Torquay over the Shaldon bridge on my way to work...and most days I've driven past a beautiful lady with crazy blonde curly hair...she started out 10 years ago walking her eldest baby to the primary school with her younger ones carried on her chest and in double buggies whilst walking beautiful puppy retriever. 
Every morning I would watch her and be in awe at how organised she was, how she could possibly manage & how happy her babies looked. I would then continue the rest of my journey to work with a lump in my throat that someone else was doing all of those things with my babies because I felt I should be at work.

This lady made me realise that actually I should work a little less, and learn to manage a little more...

So as I drove past you this morning and I saw you kissing your daughter on the forehead who once I saw as a tiny baby and is now a little lady...and your dog was walking at a much slower pace beside you now he's so much older and I imagine all your other children have now grown up and go to secondary school and walk themselves to school...I just wanted to post on here, in the hope somehow it will reach you, to say thank you...because of you I have now reduced my working hours...so I can spend some mornings at home doing the crazy school runs with all my babies, i make sure I go and fight back tears watching all their school plays & bake (mainly inedible) cakes for the fetes...and I love all of it!

It's amazing that seeing a 30 second glimpse of someone else's life once a day can make yours so much more enjoyable xx

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