Woman texts pic of bruises to wrong number thinking it's her mom. Now she has a new mom.

Woman texts pic of bruises to wrong number thinking it's her mom. Now she has a new mom.

This is Cassidy, a young woman from Vermilion, Ohio, who recently encountered an iPhone glitch that landed her a new friend/mom. Jealous? Us, too.


It all started when Cassidy discovered mysterious bruises on her arm earlier this week, so she did what anyone would do in this situation: she called a doctor. JK, of course—she texted her mom.

Or at least, she texted her mom's number. But due to some bizarre technical glitch, the photo was sent instead to a complete stranger, who according to Cassidy has the "same number" as her mom (how did this happen, Apple???).

Things started off pretty tense between the two of them:


"Game over bitch," is not the kind of message you expect to receive from your mom's number. AWKWARD.

BUT THEN: a few hours later, Cassidy tried texting her mom again—this time sending a photo of her bruised arm. And once again, she encountered the same problem. Only apparently the photo of the bruised arm touched this stranger's humanity, because they suddenly changed their tune:


"I keep telling you that you have the wrong number," they wrote. Then: "What happened to your arm?"

And after that, the stranger morphed into a full-blown mom:


"You get it checked out?" they asked. And when Cassidy said no, but she did take Benadryl, they added: "I hope so because that looks bad maybe it's an allergic reaction."

At this point you're probably thinking, okay no way, this is definitely the mom. And Cassidy had the same thought, asking: "This isn't my mom correct?"

"Right I thought we was friends I'm concerned about your arm," responded the suddenly-caring stranger, whose name turns out to be "Keri."


"We cool," wrote Cassidy. And it's clear that they're "cool." But is Cassidy's mom "cool" with having been replaced by a complete stranger with her "same phone number"? We may never know. Sorry, original mom.

Twitter is loving the exchange, which has been retweeted nearly 80,000 times since Cassidy shared it on Monday. A lot of people are still worried about her arm:


Turns out, her new mom nailed it:

We're glad everything turned out okay for Cassidy, her arm, and her new mom, and her original mom! As this story proves: you can never, ever have enough moms.