YouTube mom Kristina Kuzmic's new video called "How To Fake Your Perfect Life on Social Media" is going viral. It's probably because of how relatable and funny her observations about social media versus real life are. She's also got some handy tips, though, on how to make it look like you're living your best life, even when you're really living your so-so life.

The video includes all kinds of useful tricks for making it look like you've got everything under control, even when that's not even close to the case. For example, want to take a selfie while enjoying a glass of wine in your kitchen, but the room is currently a disaster area? No problem! Just knock all that junk onto the floor and voila—clean countertops! Selfie time!


Of course, if you have real-life friends, they might be able to see through some of your social media tactics. The way around this, according to Kristina Kuzmic, is just to not have any friends other than the ones on social media. Easy!

Go ahead and check out the video for tips on important things like how to take the best selfies, how to make it look like your teenage son still wants to hug you, and how to be the best cake decorator in your family.

Sources: h/t Huffington Post