I presume the Small Business Committee has jurisdiction over teen hair dye places.
(via redditor TheBurningBeard)

This letter was posted to reddit today by the brother-in-law of a woman who apparently had some pointed questions for Congressperson Jan Meyers back in 1995. Given that Meyers was a Republican congressperson from Kansas (and was 67 at the time), perhaps she wasn't the best person to seek assistance from in a fight with your parents over hair dye.

The sister-in-law was only 13 at the time, which makes this parenting issue pretty easy to figure out. If only more parents had the US Congress to back them up in arguments with adamant teens (actually, I take that back—Congress' standing is low enough without it inevitably losing an argument with a teenager). I would try to reconstruct the argument that led to this, but the brother-in-law already endorsed this version as being pretty accurate:

Sources: redactor TheBurningBeard