Here are 7 things doctors with children refuse to keep in their homes.

Here are 7 things doctors with children refuse to keep in their homes.

If you want to find an over-protective parent, look no further than a doctor. They've just seen too many injuries to not become suspicious of everything in their homes. Here are 7 household items doctors with children are saying they would never allow in their own homes.

1. Styrofoam cups

"Ramen noodles, or similar soups in styrofoam containers, get extremely hot when microwaved. It's the most common cause of scald burns in toddlers and infants I see," David J. Mathison, MD told

Let's leave that Cup-of-Soup scalding for broke college students, instead.

2. Free-standing cupboards

Dr. Kevin Cheng, Medibank’s Medical Director, told Mamamia, "I always ensure that large cupboards are fixed to walls."

Plus, attaching the cupboards will give your super something to do.

3. Throw rugs


"With a throw rug, you're walking quickly to get the phone, or you're up at night to go to the bathroom in the dark and whoops, you've caught your toe on the corner and you go down," Dr. Kaycee Sink told LiveScience. "Throw rugs can actually be worse than stairs in terms of danger. People are more likely to be cautious going up and down stairs, and there's a hand rail."

That settles it. Time to put in hand rails next to our throw rugs.

4. Beads


Dr. Dasha Fielder told Mamamia that "for younger children under four years old, they are too dangerous as they can end up in the nose, ears, mouth and can result in a child having difficulty breathing or ear infections."

Or, you can choose to let your kid have a beautifully decorated surgical procedure.

5. Small batteries

Dr Cheng added how these items "...are definitely dangerous around small children as their ingestion can be lethal.


Infant mortality may have been much higher in the Dark Ages, but there were definitely no battery deaths.

6. Trampolines

"I have treated many children with fractures following an accident on the trampoline and with three children of my own I simply do not feel the need to have it at home," says Dr. Fielder.

You'll have to find another way to get on America's Funniest Home Videos.

7. Hot drinks


Another of Dr. Fielder's insights: "It always happens in a split second, it is always an accident and it can result in significant injury to a child requiring many months of treatment and suffering."

Ok, but how you are supposed to take care of a child without coffee in the morning is a mystery.