Katy Perry is very disappointed in the behavior you are doing, kids. (via Getty Images)

It's summer in Fargo, North Dakota, but I bet it's feeling downright wintry in the home of Cindy Bjerke, who very publicly went on Facebook to sell her daughter's Katy Perry tickets due to the daughter being a 'spoiled brat' who 'doesn't deserve these tickets.' Bjerke was so upset, she was selling the $110 tickets for $90.

Fargo mom Cindy Bjerke, who's just so fed up dontchaknow.

When asked to elaborate, Bjerke told WDAZ news, "I was not going to give her the tickets... I was not going to let her go to this concert with this behavior that she's been doing." Man, don't you hate it when kids do behavior? This is just the latest in a growing trend of parents shaming their kids on social media, a trend which we have reported on many times. Because it's always awesome.