Metro UK is reporting that a couple mistakenly revealed far more than they intended when they posted an engagement announcement to Facebook. If you look in the corner of the photo below, you can see the box for a pregnancy test. That's what pregnancy tests look like in England.

The future bride posted this with her photo:


But started getting comments like this:

And was like, huh?:

And then just came out with it:

Advertising this for real? There's no link back to Miranda Levy's Facebook page for one. Secondly, this is not the optimal photo for announcing your marriage. Sitting in a poorly lit room on the couch with a pregnancy test box ripped open next to you? Please!

Perhaps the imminent Baby Kelly explains the rushed pic, but we suspect it might all be fake. Or they really are getting married and really are expecting, but this reveal is no accident. Unlike the baby ba-DUM-ching! Just kidding, they seem very happy. IF THEY'RE EVEN REAL.

Sources: h/t Metro