Thank God our Dad never learned how to use email.

You guys, we're all screwed. Nick Crews is a former nuclear submarine captain (seriously?) living in Britain who's sick of his sucky adult children. So he decided to send the above scorched earth email to said children, becoming a hero to Dads everywhere. The email quickly made it to the internet and went viral, forwarded by every pissed off Dad who's sick of loaning us the money we depend on to continue to not have to try that hard at stuff. How are we supposed to venture into our forties, supporting our copulation-driven lives with minimal employment if our Dads know they can draw a line in the sand like this? Here's the plan: if your dad sends you an email like this one the next time you ask him for some cash, send him a reply reminding him, "That guy was a nuclear submarine captain, Dad. You worked in marketing, and I'm still messed up by that time I saw you at the movies with a woman who wasn't Mom so make with the loan already."

Sources: The Daily Mail