There are a lot of things one has to do in order to make a big move. You've gotta find a place to live, pack up all your things, maybe sell some stuff, hire movers or get a truck... and, of course, post a video of your entire family singing about your planned move in four-part harmony on YouTube. Well, that's how the Muller family does it anyway.

In order to properly announce their move from San Francisco to The Netherlands to friends and family (and the rest of us here, on the internet), definite show choir alum Thor and Amy Muller and their children, Tesla and Quinn, created a four-minute long song and video. "We have a life-changing announcement to share," Thor wrote on Facebook, "It's so big, we're doing it in song. 'Cause that's how the Mullers roll."



The video includes matching father-son fedoras, an incredibly thorough rundown of Dutch foods, and what simply has to be the world's cheeriest reference to Anne Frank.

You are welcome.

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