Blogger and mother of four Constance Hall struck a chord with thousands Tuesday after writing up a quick anecdote recognizing the awful truth about how strangers view parents: a mom could always be doing better, while a dad is a hero just for showing up.

I had breakfast with a friend and of course Snow shat. I went to the bathroom and there was no change table. No...

Posted by Constance Hall on Monday, August 15, 2016

Constance writes that she tried to change her daughter's diaper discreetly in the park when a random woman came over and gave her the judgies.

"I saw you changing your daughters nappy, could you please use the change table next time"

I said "there wasn't one"

She said "there is, it's in the disabled toilet and that's around the other corner"

I said "cool, she's probably not due for another shit for about 6 hours but I will act accordingly."

I felt like a loser. The world went on.