Nobody can hang like a trollop.

Update: The auction is now up to $24,100.

It's amazing how as soon as you stop being a teenager, nothing fills you with pure, honest joy like seeing them properly punished for being awful. This Australian mother has given us all that sweet, sweet joy. Not only does this feature a delightful use of the word "trollops" (maybe that's hurtful in Australia, but here it has the quaint charm of a Dickens quote), it also has some sick burns that prove that this mother was definitely a teen girl to be reckoned with in her day ("Tricks like this on OUR parents is how HALF of you were conceived...and why a lot of your friends DON'T have an address to send that Fathers' Day card to!!!" Ouch, damn...). Also, let's face it, most of us think not letting her kid go to a One Direction concert is a good parenting move all on its own. Check out the full listing for more severe mom-burns below:

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