Do lunch bags count as fair use? Surely Bill Watterson would approve.

This dad deserves an extra-special Father's Day card for decorating his son's lunches so fantastically. He should probably draw it for himself, though, since he's really, really good at drawing. Redditor welldunn, aka Bag Dad, says he's been drawing on his kid's lunch bags every day for the past two years. He usually spends his lunch break doing the colored-pencil drawings—they take about a half hour—and then colors them in at night while he watches TV. 

Bag Dad decided to start the project because it was a good way to get better at illustrating—his real passion—and force himself to draw every day. His kid holds on to a few favorites, and the rest are given away to friends. A few are hanging in his son's art teacher's classroom. Bag Dad doesn't plan ahead; he just draws whatever pops into his head when he sits down and puts pencil to paper bag.

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