This is a great example of making the best of a bad situation.

The Vamps are a teen boy band, and you can see in this video that their audience is almost entirely pre-teen girls, stoic parents, and brow-beaten security guards. Then there's this one dad dancing his damn ass off. What's up with him?

One theory: he is actually the poster of this YouTube video, Andy Morris. The caption reads:

Check out this video I shot of someone's dad smashing the dance floor at The Vamps gig at Island Beats, Thorpe Park on the weekend.

But this is the only video "Andy Morris" has ever posted! There's also no definitive proof that this man is a dad. He is a man at a concert. He is, indeed, smashing the dance floor. However, there is no kid claiming him as Pop-Pop. That might be explained by the wild arm swinging and committed attempts to do The Robot. If this were my dad and I was still a pre-teen, I'd hide.

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