1. Me Time
  2. My Husband
  3. My Child
  4. Being Angry About How Difficult Society Makes It To Breastfeed
  5. Breastfeeding
  6. My Career
  7. Retirement Savings
  8. Sleep Training
  9. Meditating Every Day
  10. Living Like The French
  11. Teaching My Child Spanish
  12. Wearing Clothes Without Large Stains
  13. Wearing Clothes That Are Youthful Yet Professional
  14. Reading The News
  15. Reading Books
  16. Reading Ta-Nehisi Coates Articles
  17. Researching Diaper Ingredients
  18. Going Out More With My Single Friends
  19. Getting Into The Avengers Franchise
  20. Rewatching The Wire

  21. Being More Adventurous In Bed
  22. Cardiovascular Health
  23. Strength Training
  24. Improving The Body I Have
  25. Accepting The Body I Have
  26. Loving The Body I Have
  27. Realizing I'm More Than Just My Body
  28. Applying Sunscreen To Everyone In A 5-Foot Radius
  29. Cooking New, Healthy Recipes
  30. Cooking Home-y, Unhealthy Recipes Because You Only Live Once
  31. Omega-3s
  32. Getting Rid Of All The Plastic In My Home
  33. Protecting My Child
  34. Pushing My Child
  35. Maintaining A Push-Pull Relationship With My Child That, From A Distance, Resembles A Cha-Cha Dance
  36. Yoga

  37. Spending Less Time Plugged In
  38. Staying On Top Of Cool New Apps
  39. Nursery Decor
  40. Always Having Freshly Baked Cookies On Hand When People Come Over
  41. Apologizing Less
  42. Apologizing More, Using Cute Hand-Stamped Cards From Etsy
  43. Saving Money For My Child's College Education, Which May Or May Not Be Worthwhile
  44. Learning How To Apply Makeup Correctly
  45. Body Hair Removal
  46. Flossing
  47. Sweeping
  48. Cleaning Dried Up Pasta Sauce Off The Inside Of The Microwave
  49. Fighting For Women's Right To Post Nipples To Instagram
  50. The Environment