Pi might not seem like it's very high on the pain scale, but it's never-ending. (via)

Redditor Freaky_Naughty23 has a fiancé. Unsurprisingly for a guy named Freaky_Naughty23, he got her pregnant. Now, she's having a baby. Since he'll probably be a dad by the time I publish this, I'll do him a favor and temporarily refer to him as FN. As in, "look at this FN new dad over here."

Being stuck in a maternity ward together, FN and his fiancé decided to have some fun with the whiteboard that has information for all the nurses and doctors strolling in and out of the room all day. In particular, the new mother used this opportunity to express some feelings she thought it important for her caregivers to be aware of, like, for instance, her weebly-wobbliness and big miserableness. And, of course, the common side effect of womanly wrath (this should be a side effect on more things).