5 pregnancy pranks that will make you happy you're not getting laid.

5 pregnancy pranks that will make you happy you're not getting laid.

There's really nothing funny about pranking your partner about pregnancy. Joking about something as serious as bringing a new life into the world, and then yelling "Psych! Got you!" after your partner has had a few minutes to process the news, probably doesn't create a lot of trust in a relationship. Your partner is either going to be wildly happy and then totally let down, or about to throw him or herself into oncoming traffic and then about to throw you into traffic.

Here are a few people who used a fake positive pregnancy test to fool their significant others into believing either the best or worst news, depending on perspective.

1. The quickie

She has maybe the sweetest boyfriend ever. And at least she lets him off the hook fast.

"It's not funny."

"It's kind of hilarious."

2. The long con

Poor Grant. He doesn't even have a job yet! She strings him along for way too long, before finally admitting the pregnancy test is fake.


"So there are no babies?"

"Grant, I bought this online."

3. The meltdown


He's very happy she's not actually pregnant, but less happy about the fact she probably took about 10 years off his life with her prank.

4. The pranker becomes the prankee


It's a tale as old as time itself—woman tells man she's pregnant, man freaks out because he's sterile and knows it can't be his, so woman must be cheating. Except in this case, they're both lying. What a confusing relationship.

5. The ol' switcheroo

This one's a little different—the husband bought the fake pregnancy test, and his wife took it and thought she was pregnant. And couldn't stop repeating, "What are we gonna do?" ("You're excited? We live with your mom!") The husband really commits to this prank, even going as far as letting his wife call her mom with the news, before telling her he gave her a fake pregnancy test.


But all's well that ends well:

"I hate you."

"I love you, too, baby."