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15 pregnancy portraits that’ll make you pee your pants even if you’re not pregnant.

Pregnancy pics! Everybody loves them, right? You're bursting with excitement (and hormones), and you can't wait to tell the whole world about it, but you want to make sure to announce baby with style and class. So what's the best way? Here are a few general pregnancy portrait styles that'll have your friends and families saying, "Let's see that belly! WOW! OKAY! MAYBE NOW PUT THAT BELLY AWAY!"

1. The "Happy Couple"

He must be so proud.

2. The "Dear God, Why?"


3. The "Where's Waldo?"

Holy shit, look out behind you!

4. The "We Hate Our Child."

Awww, baby's first Four Loko!

5. The "Immaculate Conception"

"Can I exchange it for something else?"

6. The "We're So Excited"

Listen, mister, that's just rude.

7. The "Get it? Huh? GET IT?"

"Ha ha, this is how I put my sperm in her!"

8. The "We've Gone Too Far But There's No Turning Back."

Look, we all like The Lion King but…

9. The "Sow"

Enough is enough, woman!

10. The "Knocked Up By The NRA."

"First they come for our guns, then they come for our babies!"

11. The "Tiny Daddy"

"Just gonna keep daddy in here for a while."

12. The "Casual Hobbyist"

She's giving birth to bullets.

13. The "Yikes!"

Um. Backing away…

14. The "STOP. No, really, please stop."

No. Bad. Go sit in the corner and think about what you've done because this is NOT ALL RIGHT.

15. The "I Can't Believe I Ate the Whole Thing!"

Check out the lighting! She's really glowing!
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