Pregnancy is an intense time. As hormones are raging and the baby's developing, many questions arise, and the internet is here for you. Whether you want to know if you are, in fact, pregnant, or wonder why you don't feel so inclined to lick your baby, somebody somewhere has had a similar inquiry.

Here's everything you want to know about pregnancy that you're surprised somebody actually asked.

1. Protect yourself: don't ask a pregnant woman.

2. Digital penetration.


3. Cleaning up.

4. Keep this one in your diagry.

5. They can't. Period.

6. If pregnancy isn't an illness, then why are there symptoms?


7. People really need to clean their bathrooms.


8. It's about time men get the credit they deserve.

9. Nothing is fair.

10. We see you, Vice President Pence.


11. Sweet relief.

12. Only if they've learned how.

13. What.

14. We've evolved.


15. AI, my friend.