To quote the great Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt theme song, "Females are strong as hell." This is especially true of pregnant females.

One man recently learned just how much strength it requires to carry a tiny human inside you when he donned a fake belly at CrossFit to see what exercising is like for his pregnant wife.

Blake Milchuck is rightfully impressed that his wife is still crushing her CrossFit workouts at 37 weeks pregnant. For a recent workout, he strapped a 14lb medicine ball around his torso to get a feel for what exercising is like for her.


He posted a series of videos of his "pregnant" gym session to Instagram. Needless to say, he had a bit of a rough time.

"@kmilchuck is a gadass and still hitting the gym, figured I could be a good sport and see what it's like #37weeks #14lbbaby #noteasy," he captioned the video.

#noteasy indeed. And unlike his wife, he gets to take that baby bump off whenever he feels like it. It seems like Milchuck has a pretty good appreciation for how badass his wife is anyway, but we're glad his workout was able to reaffirm that for him.


Does anyone else feel like these two are going to raise the fittest, most athletic baby who ever lived?