Meg Ireland is a mother of two and blogger at Shut Up Meg who gave birth to her youngest child over two-years-ago but has recently re-shared a photo of her pregnant self to inform mothers about porn. Writing on Instagram, Ireland wasn't talking about watching porn as a pregnant woman, but about how her picture was stolen and ended up on a preggophilia site, which is a thing you should probably not google. Unless you're on an incognito tab right now. Here's the picture that people are getting off on in a dark corner of the web.


Ireland wrote a kindly-worded diatribe to go with her photo, in which she explains how her pic and about 15 others came to be on a preggophilia site. As she describes, that's "a porn site for people who like pregnant women." Gag.

Ireland checked out the site (not for entertainment) and realized that the photos were coming from a variety of people.


When I was scrolling through this god awful site trying to find where this thread was, I saw some pretty fucked up shit. People who were uploading pictures of their wife to other users, brother in laws uploading pictures of their sister in laws and women uploading pictures of their work colleagues!!!

Those work colleagues are crossing so many personal boundaries.

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Speaking against people who might blame Ireland, she pointed out that her Instagram was set to private at the time. But that wasn't even the issue for Ireland. "I didn't care that someone had screen shot my photo to show someone, it's was what they did with my photo that made me physically sick to my stomach." Yeah, this stuff is more nauseating than morning sickness.


Ireland was able to cheer up by the end of her post, saying, "Moral of the story, I totes want another bubba and a big Ol' belly like this again!"

A second moral of the story is that people get off to stolen photos of pregnant women. So many icky feelings. Why does the Internet do these things?

Sources: h/t Mamamia