There is no such thing as a relaxing day at the salon when you are a midwife on call.

Midwife Carrie Hall was getting her hair done when she got the call that one of her patients was in labor. It became clear that that baby was not going to wait for her to get shampooed and rinsed, so Hall sprung into action—foils and all.

An FNU grad sent us this photo with the caption: "1st time for everything! Thought I'd share! I was at the salon and...

Posted by Frontier Nursing University on Thursday, April 6, 2017

Hall spoke to CafeMom about the incident.


It was just an ordinary day on call when I thought I'd chance a hair appointment for a color! I called prior to going to my appointment and there was a patient in labor but she wasn't progressing rapidly. My hair dresser, Demaris, had just finished foiling my hair when the nurses called and said the patient was ready to deliver.

The local hospital was five minutes away so ... foils and all .... I went to catch a baby! The patient was ready to push when I arrived! Luckily, the patient delivered within 20 minutes.

Soon after her work at the hospital was done, Hall rushed right back to the salon. In case you were worried about her follicles, Hall also confirmed that "momma, baby, and my hair are great."