23 weeks and five days into her pregnancy, Texas mom Margaret Boemer underwent surgery to save her baby's life. This was the first literal birthday for her child, Lynlee Boemer, who doctors removed from her mother's womb for emergency fetal surgery.

It's a harrowing story. The baby had a tumor nearly the same size as her body. But after a nearly five hour surgery, surgeons removed it.

When they finished, they put Lynlee back in her mother's womb, closed the incision they had made in the uterus, and everyone waited for the second birth.


After 12 weeks of bed rest for her mother, Lynee Boemer was born again on June 6.

Obviously, the surgery to remove the tumor from the baby's coccyx was risky, both for baby and mother. But Margaret Boemer said she "knew it was what had to be done to give her life."

"I was willing to endure all those risks to give her a chance at life," Boemer told People.

Thankfully, the condition that led to this harrowing ordeal, sacrococcygeal teratoma, only occurs in one out of each 35,000 births.

Even more thankfully, Lynlee was born at 5 lbs 5 oz, and after yet another surgery at eight days, she's healthy, normal, and perhaps most encouragingly, "eating a ton."