Natalie Bennett is a vlogger, a mother of two toddler twins, and she's 36-weeks pregnant with a baby girl. Suffice to say, she's pretty busy.

Posted by Natalie Bennett on Monday, July 18, 2016

But Natalie Bennett still makes time to create and edit her own videos, and in one that's caught the attention of Imgur for an incredible side-by-side image, she's taken to YouTube to compare the differences between being pregnant with twins and being pregnant with a single baby.


Her reflections are more in depth than the following side-by-side, although it's admittedly eye-popping.

That's Bennett pregnant at 36 weeks with her twins on one side and at 36 weeks with her one baby on the other. Can you tell which is which?

Bennett reflected on that image:

I had a huge body by the end. My belly was so ridiculously large it looks inhuman. ... The thumbnail of it is downright shocking. People look at it and they go 'oh my gosh what am I looking at.'


"I had a huge torpedo belly sticking out like a freaking shelf," she elaborated, hilariously. "It was so heavy."

Now carrying a single baby, Bennett says she's fatigued, tired, short of breath, getting up in the middle of the night, dealing with her two-and-a-half year old twin boys... and it's still a bit more relaxing than her pregnancy with the twins.

"The pregnancy itself was so much less comfortable than what it is now," says the amazing Natalie Bennett. "I had twice as many doctors appointments."


That's because twin pregnancies are classified "high risk" no matter what. ​​​​​​"I would say that this pregnancy just overall has been more convenient because it has been so straightforward," said Bennett, qualifying that she's speaking just from her personal experience. She had to travel extra distance to the specialist, she developed PUPPS rash, and her tummy had never stretched out before.

Now she has experience, and the added advantage of not having twins.

"One baby is so much more straightforward than a pregnancy with multiples."