Imgur user marlboroprincess and her husband of three years are tired of fielding questions from nosy family members about when they're going to reproduce. To curb the relentless prodding, she decided to troll her loved ones with a fake pregnancy announcement with a little help from her dog, Leelu.

My husband and I have been married 3 years and everyone is bugging us about having a baby. Close enough right?

Congrats! It's an adorable pile of fluff!

Commenters commiserated with OP's plight, many of them sharing their own experiences about being pressured to have kids. "My baby was less than a week old when people starting bugging us about having a second child," wrote one user. "I'm 26 and my family has decided this year to exclude me from Christmas til I 'have a family.' Jokes on them, I've already got 2 dogs," said another.


Damn, people lay off. It's a freaking lifelong emotional and financial commitment, for goodness sake. Besides, not every woman wants to have kids. Some just want to have puppies.

Now that's a cute baby.