There are some people who say women aren't funny.

Of course there are also some people who say Scientology seems like a solid religious experience they're eager to join, but you know better (at least if you have HBO). And because women are funny, there are lots of “funniest women on Twitter" lists. Problem is, they're usually just one person pointing out friends and favorites.


Which got us thinking – what if we crowdsourced things with funny ladies and let THEM decide?

Our methodology was pretty simple:

  • We asked a few dozen popular funny female tweeters (“popular" in this instance meaning “more than 15,000 followers" because we had to draw an arbitrary line somewhere) to tell us who their favorite funny female tweeters are.
  • We asked everyone to include at least one account with fewer than 5,000 followers.
  • No one knew who else was voting.
  • No one was allowed to vote for themselves.
  • No one was allowed to vote for either of us. (Some tried anyway; they get ponies for Christmas.)

This was the fairest way we could think of to ensure honesty and diversity. In the end, 124 ladies received votes (which surprised even us). Then, in a nod to the Seneca Falls Convention of 1848, we pulled the top 48 vote-getters, wrote short descriptions and chose reasonably recent tweets of theirs we loved.

The final list is in random order and NOT ranked (this is about celebrating women, not pitting them against each other, yo).

Doing all this was a herculean labor of love, but it was so worth it. Please click the "follow" button liberally as you read. We promise you won't be disappointed.