We hope you enjoyed your week without a new episode of 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians,' the show that gives us the memo that our lives are merely an aimless bundle of poor choices that will never lead us to usurping someone else's empire!

We did! What did you do during your week of peace? During our time off, we deluded ourselves into thinking we'd do hot yoga.

“Buggy Boo," the newest episode, has an abundance (abundance being something the Kardashians cornered the market on) of things we'll never know: the ability to name-drop Michael Jackson and Spike Jonze, the pressures of being a budding 17-year-old real estate tycoon, and, obviously, dune buggies. It is unclear why “Boo" is a part of the episode title, but we assume it's a subtle reminder from matriarch, executive producer, and ageless specimen Kris Jenner that we should fear her family's voracious pursuit of power. More power to them! It works! We're terrified! Because… some nights… we can't sleep when we think about the Kardashians and have to break out the Snoopy night-light.