Apparently, there are women who think male orgasms are glittery, soft, rainbow volcanoes with smiley faces and googly eyes.

A fairyland depiction of the male orgasm. (via YouTube)

People everywhere are drawing sex organs. Women are drawing penises. Men are drawing vaginas. Graffiti artist Wanksy is painting penises around potholes. Plus, there are dildos everywhere. Apparently, the next logical step was to have women explain male orgasms using arts and crafts materials normally found in a kindergarten classroom.

I dunno, they seem pretty straightforward to me. (via YouTube)

Here's my guess as to what these women were instructed to do in the making of this video:

1. Look cute!
2. Say the words "male orgasm" as many times as possible.
3. Don't get into specifics so you don't offend anyone.
4. Make it silly, but don't make any jokes.
5. Smile, but don't laugh.
6. Show slight frustration, but don't look angry.
7. Use glue to give the vague suggestion of male ejaculate but do NOT mention male ejaculate.
8. Don't be feminist.
9. Don't be misogynist.

The use of feathers raises concerns about the artist's knowledge of sex. (via YouTube)

This entire video just seems like an excuse to have women say "orgasm," like, five hundred times in a weird, trippy, PG setting. It left me feeling totally unsatisfied; I couldn't even finish it.

Here's the full clip of what feels like an abstinence-only educational video on mushrooms.


The video was made by BuzzFeedYellow. I don't know what BuzzFeedYellow is. I could've googled it, but I'd rather write this sentence than know the answer.

Sources: YouTube