Pretty patronizing in pink.

I suppose at this point there's very little we shouldn't expect when it comes to the depths of political parties' inability to treat women voters as equal to their male peers (after all, you can't cast 77% of a vote), but a big pink bus is still cringeworthy in its lameness. That was the amazingly condescending voter outreach strategy unveiled in the UK this week by the Labour party (on the center-left of UK politics). They rolled out a hot pink "Woman to Woman" minibus, which has become widely derided as "The Barbie Bus." Labour officials made the situation worse by refusing to use the word "pink" to describe it, insisting on calling it "cerise" or "magenta." Their explanation of the van's purpose placed their feet even further in their mouths, saying they wanted to have a discussion with women "around the kitchen table":

Sources: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver