Why should the Paleolithic Era get all of the trendy dieting attention when there are plenty of other historic time periods with great nutritional guidelines to follow?

Get the body you had in the 80s with a diet from the 20s.

Try some of these to get ready for bikini season:

1. The French Revolution Diet: Alternate days of starving and eating cake.

2. The Y2K Diet: Only eat canned goods that have been stored in a bunker for 15 years.

3. The Ice Age Diet: Only eat frozen foods. Don't move.


4. The Colonial Era Diet: Take other people's food and eat it without asking.

5. The Gold Rush Diet: Everything you eat must be found in a stream.

6. The Mesozoic Era Diet: This was the heyday of the dinosaurs, so sustain yourself exclusively on dinosaur-shaped frozen children's chicken nuggets.

7. The Ming Dynasty Diet: Only eat foods that naturally grew in the areas of Asia ruled by the Ming Dynasty from 1368-1644.


8. The “Dynasty" Diet: Only eat while wearing big shoulder pads and lots of gold jewelry.

9. The 1950s Diet: Only eat when a man says you can (this could also be called the 1940s Diet, 1930s Diet, 1920s Diet, etc.)

10. The Renaissance Diet: Just get fat.