This week's episode is titled “The Carfather." Though no one dies in a Scorsesesque fashion (or at all) to keep the esoteric empire going, there is plenty of death talk.

Kris is worried about who will pull the plug on her, and Khloè is now the scared owner of a painting of one of Beach-Boys-buddy Charlie Manson's victims, Sharon Tate.

It's normal for your mom to worry about which family member is up to the task of deciding when her life is more over than Justin Bieber's squeaky-clean image, however most of the episode was anything but ordinary.

Here are five standout moments that reminded us not to bother trying to keep up:

1. Seeing your mother-in-law in her underwear doesn't include technological breakthroughs.

2. No 17-year-old in your family is ever releasing a hair extension line with eleven shades.