The E! network (makers of the self-proclaimed hit show 'Botched') aired the 124th episode of their series about the most hated flourishing family since that French brood that landed themselves in the guillotines.

This week, Kim plays the tough love card with Rob and does not want to let him eat cake.

We read your comments about these recaps and we have some comments on your comments. Instead of your oft-repeated and thumbs-upped "Stop making stupid people famous!" remarks, you should be writing, “Stop making people who know how stupid we all are famous!” We are all animals, and the executive producers of this show, which now include Khloé, Kim, Kourtney, and Kris, (4/7ths of Khloé's Instagrammed shirt), are well aware of this. If you want to educate yourself on why we can't escape this particular fasscination, watch the alternatingly annoying/brilliant Russell Brand's breakdown of Kim's 'Break the Internet' shoot.