Yet again, our lives pale in comparison to the Kardashians, though they still request we view them as a relatable family.

This week's name drops included: Justin Bieber, RuPaul, two boy band members (Backstreet Boy Nick Carter and N'Syncer Lance Bass), and the President of the Homeland of the Kardashian Empire (Barack Obama). They also name-dropped Ricardo Tischi, whom we had to Wikipedia because we are not Kardashians who can afford Givenchy haute couture. We live on bloggers' salaries—roughly equivalent to a few tweets from Kim, per year.

This week's episode is titled “Somewhere Over the Cuckoo's Nest." Perhaps the Kardashians' unrelenting success makes you want to pull a Randle Patrick McMurphy and pretend you're mentally ill to avoid the world. We would advise against that; KUWTK is played in the “recreation" rooms of mental hospitals by Nurse Ratcheds everywhere. You wouldn't have the freedom to change the channel to watch Point Break on TNT, Family Guy reruns on TBS, or major news networks' llama chase coverage. It's better to stay out here and face E! lobotomy-free, than to end up having your Suge Knight-sized best friend pillow you to death before he throws a sink out the window. Unlike a mental ward, there is no escape from the Kardashians.