It's International Women's Day!

To celebrate I did what any tech-savvy single writer would do, I asked a bunch of men on Tinder if they knew it was International Women's Day.

I truly believe I was doing a public service by spreading the word about this great day to those who need it most: single men on dating websites. They're already doing the world a favor by swiping right on a woman (gasp!) over thirty, so I knew this would be a great test of the male psyche. After many (few) minutes of furious right swiping, Tinder informed me I would have to pay for more matches!


Don't they understand I'm doing this to write an article about Tinder? My livelihood is at stake here! I think I just realized why I'm going to be single forever. Luckily I had already amassed a nice pile of male specimens for my experiment before being cut off.

Here are the un-scientific results:

What does gender mean anyway?


The fabricated Feminist Seal.

Feminism: mansplained!


Feminism: ignored!

If everyone is special it means no one is: Part One.

If everyone is special it means no one is: Part Two.

I may be trouble, but you sir are a nightmare!

Let's end this on a positive note.