A Canadian woman who did not even know she was pregnant gave birth on an international flight on Mother's Day.

Baby on a plane. (via Facebook)

Finally, the crossover we've all been waiting for: I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant meets Airplane!

Ada Guan was unaware she was 37 weeks pregnant when she boarded a flight from Calgary, Canada, to Tokyo, Japan with her boyfriend Wesley Branch on Sunday. In an ironic twist of Mother's Day fate, Guan disembarked that flight as a brand new mother.

Guan told Global News she'd been having stomach discomfort recently, however both a home pregnancy test and a doctor visit came back negative (get a new doctor, guys). Which meant it was a pretty big shock when Guan felt ill on the flight and told Branch, "Something fell out of me." SOMETHING = BABY.

Branch said, "I lifted up her pants and I saw a head and then I heard, 'Waah!' I thought, 'Oh my god, I think we have a kid.'" Yep, you have a kid now. A sneaky kid who somehow orchestrated her own stealth gestation. Keep an eye on this one.

Three doctors on board the flight helped deliver their baby girl, who the couple named Chloe, and both mother and baby are doing well.


I've never been afraid of flying but I think I've just developed a new fear of boarding a flight a regular lady and exiting with a baby. Or I'm just going to write it as the first scene of a romantic comedy. I can hear one of the Wilson brothers saying "I saw a head and heard 'WAAAH!'"

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