Even if you have a Twitter account.

"Did I ask for your opinion? About this, I mean."

With Jon Stewart leaving The Daily Show, the fur has been flying as people dog-pile on top of possible replacements. In the last few years, there's been a lot of talk about what the faces of late night talk show hosts look like. They look manly. And white.

Now when one of these white men step down, there are a lot of people pushing to put someone who looks different up on that pedestal. Which is great! If that's what that person wants. In Jessica Williams' case, it's more like what WE want from her. That brief clip showing her in The Daily Show host seat that leaked from Hot Tub Time Machine 2 fanned the flames, but remember that's supposed to be a glimpse of the future. Right now, Jessica Williams isn't interested, thank you.

Sources: The Daily Dot