Redditor MeggoEggo1 is expecting, but she's not the father.

Uh oh, I'm not the father either. Who does that leave?

Redditor MeggoEggo1 posted the photo above with the title "A nontraditional baby announcement for a nontraditional family." Among the many very supportive comments on reddit were a lot of questions about how the couple decided who would get pregnant. MeggoEggo1 says there was never really any question.

"We measured our hips and she won," she joked.

Actually, MeggoEggo1 explains, "My wife has dated men before me so she always assumed she'd have a baby biologically. I had no interest. So it just worked out that way." She also reassures a concerned redditor that both women will play catch with their kid.

Sources: redditor MeggoEggo1