I joined for the same reason most people join to find a partner who loves and accepts me to make myself feel better after getting dumped. It was 2003, still uncool to be getting dates on the Internet, and worse, you had to pay for the experience. What happened was this: First, I got dumped. Then I got really sad about it. Crying-all-night-in-my-college-dorm-room-sad. Worrying-my-parents sad. Unable-to-eat-anything-losing-a-ton-of-weight sad. Finally I had to accept that I wasn't just sad. I was depressed.

I drove my family's Astro van home to Asheville, NC for my first appointment with a psychiatrist. Billy Joel's "Movin' Out" was on the radio. I was trying to merge from the passing line. The car behind me sped up. I swerved to miss it and overcorrected. The Astro van went spinning out of control before flipping into a guard rail. All of the laundry I'd brought home flew out of the car and scattered all over the highway.