Ladies are showing off their tiger stripes and they're looking pretty fly.

Chrissy Teigen, supermodel and beloved wife of John Legend, has stretch marks. If you are a human being reading this, you have stretch marks. Women in particular are burdened with both an accumulation of sudden fatty growth spurts (boobies! pregnancies!) and societal expectations of doll-like smoothness. You don't even have to have been a mom, just someone who has grown or shrunk at some point in their life.

A tumblr account called the Love Your Lines Campaign is run by two moms exploring and photographing all the reasons women have accumulated their stretchies and they all look great. Now the hashtag #LoveYourLines has crossed over to Instagram. Awesome. Stretch marks just f*cking exist! Expending energy being ashamed or hiding them is like trying to pretend you don't go to the bathroom. Except in this case, looking at these ladies' stretch marks is looking at something great and probably no one would want to see me go to the bathroom.

Sources: Love Your Lines | h/t BuzzFeed